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We pride ourselves on providing expert know-how in the design, development and whole life-cycle maintenance of DB2 information systems. We are not a 'body shop', but an enabler. We will provide software, consultancy and advice on the practical issues in applying new systems and applications, and have a successful track record in implementing new projects and technologies. We will avoid jargon, and involve the customer at every stage in a project. Previous customers include blue chip businesses in the retail, banking, telecom, finance and electricity supply sectors.

We offer considerable experience in the design of large and small database applications, implementing them in a user friendly and innovative style, for middle tier and desktop applications, and with an eye to future robustness, maintenance and scalability. We can re-engineer existing systems to make them available as DB2 Universal Database server applications on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. Typically we provide:

Why DB2?

IBM invented the world's first relational database and released it in June 1983. They have been developing it as a flagship product for 30 years, on multiple platforms and dozens of languages. Isn't it great working with a database you can rely on, and building on 3 decades of RDBMS technology?

There was a time when IBM's DB2 was only for the 'big boys' and came with a 15 ton air conditioning unit - but not any more. It is a superb, functionally rich, high performance, cost-effective and extremely scalable database solution for any organisation of every size. Unlike other relational database products, you are not locked into proprietary software. We have been with this product since the early days and watched it mature into an exciting and effective database solution whose scope and grasp extends with each new release.

Why Sustainable ? - our company philosophy

'Green' IT is about more than reducing energy bills, cutting machine cycles or doing more with less. Those things alone are just common sense. Our holistic view is this: if software is fit for the purpose, then that purpose must be fit too. We define a fit purpose is one that leaves the world in a better condition. That's a judgement call we'll make when considering new undertakings. For example, we will not deal with anything that enhances or supports poor working conditions, job insecurity, oppression in the workplace, unfair trade or sharp practice. It's subjective, but we like to have a clear conscience!

Second, our philosophy is that technical proficiency is not enough - expertise is only at its most effective when it has a creative and ethical dimension. There is a method in all things. How does this translate into software?

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